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A Cool, Dry Place (1998)

A single father balances his work as an attorney with the care of his five year old son and his work as a high school basketball coach in rural Kansas, where he moved after his wife abandoned him in Chicago. Just as he starts to develop a new relationship with a veterinarian's assistant, his ex-wife suddenly reappears and wants to re-assert herself in her husband and son's life. On top of the romantic conflict, he is also suddenly presented with the opportunity of a lifetime to join a major firm in Dallas.

The movie A Cool, Dry Place, released in 1998, features 12 songs from artists like "Thirsty" Dave Hansen, Emily Bindiger, Dwight Yoakam and Otis Redding. What is your favorite song from A Cool, Dry Place?


Songs from A Cool, Dry Place

Don't Talk About Me
"Thirsty" Dave Hansen
Coming Home
Emily Bindiger
Dwight Yoakam
Hard To Handle
Otis Redding
My Town
Cartoon Boyfriend
Stay Awhile
Big Blue Hearts
Hear About Love
Kati Mac
20 Dollar Room
"Thirsty" Dave Hansen
I Need Some Air
Luther Guitar Junior Johnson and The Magic Rockers
Precious Life
Dreaming of A Woman
Big Blue Hearts
Along For The Ride
Matraca Berg

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