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Vidas em Jogo (2011)

Good-natured gambler Marty Black falls into ownership of a booking joint but soon falls on hard times. His one out is a marker for half-ownership in a young thoroughbred, which he quickly calls in. He discovers the other owner to be a young woman from an old horse racing family who wants to protect her colt almost as much as Marty wants to rush him into big races for a fast buck. While they clash, Marty soon comes to understand the human bond with the horses and what it means to be a thoroughbred.

The movie Vidas em Jogo, released in 2011, features 15 songs from artists like Gal Costa, Erasmo Carlos, Edson and Elis Regina. What is your favorite song from Vidas em Jogo?


Songs from Vidas em Jogo

Gal Costa
Noturno Carioca
Erasmo Carlos
As Rosas n?o Falam
Virg?nia Rosa
N?o Vou Ficar
Mar?lia Bessy and Hyldon
Da Cabe?a aos P?s
Copo Vazio
Zizi Possi and H?lio Delmiro
Aprendendo a Jogar
Elis Regina
Chiclete com Banana
Beth Carvalho and Daniela Mercury
Na Cad?ncia do Samba (Que Bonito ?)
When (A Woman In Love)
Claudio Goldman
Tortura de Amor
Alexandre Arez
Amor da Minha Vida
Maria Alice
Vergonha na Cara
Yasmin Lucas

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