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The Wayward Sun (2013)

A young woman named Wren finds herself lost in the desert after she and her two druggy friends flip their jeep in a remote part of Mexico. In their attempt to reach the nearest town by way of the desert, a symbolic journey unfolds as Wren begins to hallucinate, envisioning Death is stalking her in various forms: as a demon and an enchantress.

The movie The Wayward Sun, released in 2013, features 20 songs from artists like Corey Gibb & Rick Herd, Scott Hampton, Madeleine Kuenn and Jackson Shepard. What is your favorite song from The Wayward Sun?


Songs from The Wayward Sun

Theme to The Wayward Sun
El Gitano Aberrante
Chaz's Trip
Corey Gibb & Rick Herd
Accident Aftermath
Desert Walk
Scott Hampton
Death Perception
Wren's Memory
Wayward Fun
Scott Hampton
Zion Drones
Ave Maria
Madeleine Kuenn
Pale Rider
Mexican Suspense
My Enemy
Genie Powder
Great Gig in the Sea
Cactus Field
Wren's Last Sunset
Jackson Shepard
Wren's Escape
Wren Make Fire

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