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The Boars Head Documentary (2013)

The movie The Boars Head Documentary, released in 2013, features 14 songs from artists like The Cracked Actors, sister sandwich, So It Goes and Drongos For Europe. What is your favorite song from The Boars Head Documentary?

Songs from The Boars Head Documentary

The Cracked Actors
Sandwich Filler
sister sandwich
Don't hold me back
So It Goes
Drongos For Europe
Black Horse & The Cherry Tree
The Leah Cullen band
Title of Song
Humdrum Express
Title of Song
Bo Pilar & the Mountain Valley Boys
The Cracked Actors
The Cracked Actors
Spoon Fed Dead
Vault Of Eagles
Magic Dust
Socio Suki
My Lovely Mary
Save Yourself
The Karpet Kickers

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