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Sommer in Orange (2011)

A look at a Bavarian commune of the Indian Bhagwan cult.

The movie Sommer in Orange, released in 2011, features 11 songs from artists like (Gesang) Rosalie Eberle, (Gesang) J.F. Woodstock, (Gesang) Mathias Kellner and (Gesang) John Jones. What is your favorite song from Sommer in Orange?


Songs from Sommer in Orange

My Spaceship
(Gesang) Rosalie Eberle
Cosmic Roundabout
(Gesang) J.F. Woodstock
Flower Revolution
(Gesang) Mathias Kellner
The Other Side
(Gesang) John Jones
Hollywood Swing
(Gesang) J.F. Woodstock
(Gesang) Sebastian Horn / J.F. Woodstock
Holy Sun
(Gesang) Mathias Kellner
Banana Jack
(Gesang) J.F. Woodstock / Peter Horn /
(Gesang) Rosalie Eberle
Rottacher Blaskapelle
Om Namo

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