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Pussikaljaelokuva (2011)

Sixpack is a positive story on the outskirts of society. The story takes place in Helsinki on rock and following the advent of exclusion of the story regarding one of summer days. The film's protagonist, Marshal, is stuck in a shabby home. Lihi and Henninen attract the Marshal out and tired of opposition after the Marshal finds them to spend a hot summer day in the park in the world with amazement. The trio crash -day pass to the young, rutjakkeisiin sense of humor to the police. Day lasts from early morning until the evening the rain to bring sorrow alhoon. Eventually, however, the sun began to rise again it's time to become sensitized and look deep into the eyes of friendship.

The movie Pussikaljaelokuva, released in 2011, features 11 songs from artists like Kanerva Pasanen, Husky Rescue, Jaakko & Jay and Damn Seagulls. What is your favorite song from Pussikaljaelokuva?


Songs from Pussikaljaelokuva

Voi olla
Kanerva Pasanen
When Time Was On Their Side
Husky Rescue
My Home Ghost
Husky Rescue
New Light of Tomorrow
Husky Rescue
What's the Point If There's No View
Jaakko & Jay
Keep In Touch
Jaakko & Jay
Helsinki Runaway
Damn Seagulls
Jesus Stole My Baby
Damn Seagulls
Mad Max
Damn Seagulls
Kai-Jussi Jankeri

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