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One by One (2014)

This is the story of Amit and Samara - two souls in Mumbai, a city of millions and how the universe conspires to bring them together. This is a coming of age film about how two people are destined to meet but only when their individual lives are ready for each other. Through a chance encounter, a series of coincidences and fates helping hand, Amit and Samaras lives intersect and affect each other. Whether they can find their true paths or not, only time will tell.

The movie One by One, released in 2014, features 24 songs from artists like Tommy Sands (Featuring Moya), SPLIT LIPS and Clayton Nare (Featuring Nadie Keating). What is your favorite song from One by One?


Songs from One by One

One By One Head F#%k
The Introduction
Take Your Things
Stand Up
Look Around
Enough is Enough
Tommy Sands (Featuring Moya)
Beach Walk (Who I Could See)
Beat to the Six
Plato Speach (Who I Can see)
Lily's Lullaby
Shower Tension
Play It (Who Can no longer be Seen)
Lily's Lullaby (Melody)
Mind Blown
How Twin Towers Fall
My Troubles
When I'm Gone (Keep Your Promises)
What Has Been See
Make a Change
Clayton Nare (Featuring Nadie Keating)
The Man With The Gun
Think it Through

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