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Occupy Love (2012)

OCCUPY LOVE captures the heart of the movement of movements that is sweeping the planet in response to today's economic and environmental crises. 'Philosopher-filmmaker' Velcrow Ripper travels to history-making hot spots, asking the question, 'How can crisis create a love story?' Scenes include the Egyptian revolution in Tahrir Square, Spain's Indignado movement, Occupy Wall Street NYC, The Maple Spring in Quebec, and indigenous activists at the Alberta Tar Sands. The film explores the aspects of this arising that take the form of what Martin Luther King Jr. called 'Love in action.' Woven throughout is a deep exploration on the meaning and importance of 'public love' - the love of humanity, the love of the planet.

The movie Occupy Love, released in 2012, features 34 songs from artists like Jami Sieber, Don Benedictson, Rick Heizman, Jami Sieber, Will Dowd, Jami Sieber, Will Dowd, Louis Peralta and Bluetech & Lynx & Janover. What is your favorite song from Occupy Love?


Songs from Occupy Love

Escape Artist, Optimist, Flying & Flocking, and The Path
Sandbox Sessions, The Crux and The Shadow (Raconteur's Warning), and
Secret Heat and Darkening Ground
Jami Sieber, Don Benedictson, Rick Heizman
Invisible Wings
Jami Sieber, Will Dowd
Jami Sieber, Will Dowd, Louis Peralta
Lucy Dub, Pressure, Mute, First Narrows, and Estuarine
de temps en temps
Meditation V/Origin
Interlude and Unified Tribes
Elementary Particles & White Magnesia
To Mend
Bluetech & Lynx & Janover
Memory Mixer and Chandri
Fault Lines
Atman Kama and Hari Krishna
The Long Road Home and Yves Song
Sri Bells
Barcelona Dance
Tonalization (for the afterlife)
the Dan Joseph Ensemble
Grief Point Instrumental
Opal (Opaque Mix)
We are the 99% (as we gather together)
23 Towers (Interpulse Remix)
A New Day (Pitch Black Re-Mix)
Blue Sox
Fire: Passionate Fruit from Kinan Solar Wind
Unified Tribes

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