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Midnight Cabaret (2012)

Meet Adam, a geeky college senior who only wants to feel accepted. An encounter with Jason, his bully from high school, triggers a painful and disturbing past: an abusive, alcoholic father; his mother who committed suicide; and Todd, his older brother who's up for parole. Inspired by the goth drag queen Eve who performs at Midnight Cabaret, Adam decides to change overnight from geek to chic. He then is befriended by a few troublemakers who introduce him to a wild lifestyle of drugs and crime, sending him into a downward spiral and an unexpected journey in finding who he truly is.

The movie Midnight Cabaret, released in 2012, features 24 songs from artists like The Broken Machine and Redkay (featuring Tanja). What is your favorite song from Midnight Cabaret?


Songs from Midnight Cabaret

Set Fire To The Night
The Broken Machine
I'll Have It All
Downs Even Longer The New Up
Redkay (featuring Tanja)
Cannon Canvas
Whey Da Money
Do Yo Thang
Dance Anthem
Almost Forgotten
At All Cost
Dabney Coleman Pt. 5
Sabotage Me
I Like
Four Star
Letters From Beyond The Grave
So Ready
Moonlight Brightness
I need your Love
Glamour Zombie

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