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Madea's Big Happy Family (2011)

Shirley has important news for her family, but she has five grown children with different lifestyles and finds it difficult to get them and the kids all together. So in steps Madea, the Matriarch General, to put the family's life in perspective with a hilarious twist on financial difficulties, drugs and, most important, family secrets. The next generation has a lot to learn. In her own way, Madea expresses how deliverance won't change you to be someone else, but will allow you to be who you really are.

The movie Madea's Big Happy Family, released in 2011, features 9 songs from artists like Eli "Paperboy" Reed, Mighty Hannibal, Kelly Price and Macy Gray. What is your favorite song from Madea's Big Happy Family?


Songs from Madea's Big Happy Family

Eli "Paperboy" Reed
Ain't Nobody Perfect
Mighty Hannibal
Kelly Price
Macy Gray
Crazy Beautiful Queen
Radio Traffic
Thicky Trick
DJ Troy$e
Come On In The Room
Tyler Perry
Heaven Waits
Chandra Currelley-Young and Ron Grant , accompanied by the MBHF choir
Noelle, John Austin and Samuel Hall Zeines

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