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Libertaria (2013)

San Sebastián de los Reyes Bullring, Madrid, Spain, March 27, 1977. In response to the strange political alliances that were taking place between antagonistic forces in search of a self-serving consensus, the anarcho-syndicalist union CNT organizes a rally to denounce the reprehensible machinations of its adversaries. (Documentary shot in 1977; edited and released in 2011).

The movie Libertaria, released in 2013, features 15 songs from artists like Matthew Meadows and Perry Cook. What is your favorite song from Libertaria?


Songs from Libertaria

Symphony of Shadows
New Dawn
Metal Ink
Matthew Meadows and Perry Cook
Lady Liberty Shop
Baby Machine
Lonely Mother's Cry
Pilar of the Underground
Mother Imagined
Lost Confession Introduction
Lost Confession
Medallion Girls

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