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L'Enfant d'Beans (2014)

The movie L'Enfant d'Beans, released in 2014, features 10 songs from artists like Wombat Browning, Sounds Beta, Sparky Deathcap and Darren Crunch & The Passers-By. What is your favorite song from L'Enfant d'Beans?

Songs from L'Enfant d'Beans

You Can't Get What You Want Every Time
Wombat Browning
Are You Still Here?
Sounds Beta
The Dentist
Wombat Browning
The Corrrrrn Beetles
Wombat Browning
Across The Border
Send it to Oslo
Sparky Deathcap
Final Scene
Sounds Beta
Winter Runaround
Side-Effect Blues
Darren Crunch & The Passers-By

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