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Honky Holocaust (2014)

Racial tensions rise in San Francisco when Charles Manson's cult returns to find that white people are the new oppressed race. A new war is about to be started, but can somebody prevent that from happening?

The movie Honky Holocaust, released in 2014, features 32 songs from artists like Hank Wood and the Hammerheads. What is your favorite song from Honky Holocaust?


Songs from Honky Holocaust

Honky Holocaust Theme
It Don't Matter If Yer Brown
Hitler's Still a Nazi
Joyless Masturbation
It's Murder
Dead Meat
Strip on my Mind
Sleepin on Me
Never Leave
Alpha & Omega
Forever Winter
Chaos Continues
Killing Machine
Letz Party
Bloody Hammer
Goodnight Whitey
The Henchman
Living My Dreams Not Expectations
Snide... Petty... Fools
Hank Wood and the Hammerheads
A Les Seves Mans
The Fun Is Over
For the Fret
Chicks in da Livin Room
Cool Death
I Hate the Universe
End Game
It Ain't Right
Vaixells Oblidats

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