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Grazing the Sky (2013)

Grazing the Sky is a compelling look at the lives of trapeze artists and other circus performers. The film was shot for over two years covering 11 countries, including the Americas, Europe and the Near East. It follows the nomadic lives of circus performers. The audience follows 10 protagonists as they try to reach perfection and meet their lofty goals. The documentary sheds light on the contemporary circus world, and focuses on performers who devote themselves to the greatest show on earth.

The movie Grazing the Sky, released in 2013, features 20 songs from artists like Movus, Baikan Clarinet Summit and Bahoz Temaux. What is your favorite song from Grazing the Sky?


Songs from Grazing the Sky

Midgard III (Movus)
The Opening (The Irrespresibles)
Baikan Clarinet Summit
Bahoz Temaux
Reviere (Ripple and Murmur)
Ji Dil
Bahoz Temaux
Asgard (Movus)
Trampoline Theme (The Irrespresibles)
Caothic Theme (The Irrespresibles)
Stavros 78
Baikan Clarinet Summit
Tears Prelude (The Irrespresibles)
Midgard II (Movus)
Wicked Game
Bahoz Temaux
Eleven for My Father
Intro (XX)
Noir dessir
Arrow (The Irrespresibles)
Two Men in Love (The Irrespresibles)
Symphony No.7 in A Mayor
Bahoz Temaux

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