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Euromania (2014)

A documentary about the expanding powers of the European Union.

The movie Euromania, released in 2014, features 18 songs from artists like Juho Nurmela, Alexander LEstrange, Sebastian Schatz and Tom Quick. What is your favorite song from Euromania?


Songs from Euromania

Dutch Swing
Juho Nurmela
Euromania main title
Juho Nurmela
Gallery and Hillary
Alexander LEstrange
Monetary Power
Sebastian Schatz
Like Mother Used To Make
Alexander LEstrange
EU Projects
Juho Nurmela
Van Buitenen
Sebastian Schatz
Tom Quick
On the Edge Remixed
Terry Devine-King
Juho Nurmela
Hired Guns
Juho Nurmela
Glimmer of Hope
Luke Richards
Juho Nurmela
Austin Strut
Jeremy Sherman
Paul Mottram
Tearful Acceptance
Tim Garland
New Perspectives
David Kelly
United States of Europe
Sebastian Schatz

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