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Desastres Naturales (2015)

Raquel (Anita Reeves), a teacher who resists the idea of retiring, one day comes to teach a class at her old school, only to find out she has been replaced with someone much younger. But she will insist on teaching, and will be supported by her former students who will occupy the classroom demanding her reinstatement, leading to a small revolution that will threaten the establishment's order.

The movie Desastres Naturales, released in 2015, features 20 songs from artists like Milton Mahan & Felicia Morales, Luciana Tagliapietra, Carmen Sandiego and Los Mil Jinetes. What is your favorite song from Desastres Naturales?


Songs from Desastres Naturales

Dn intro
Milton Mahan & Felicia Morales
Las Fuerzas
Mejor m?s All?
Medio Mal
Dn song 1
Milton Mahan & Felicia Morales
Los Domingos
Luciana Tagliapietra
Dn song 2
Milton Mahan & Felicia Morales
Carmen Sandiego
A la Violencia
Los Mil Jinetes
Avalon en Larravide
Carmen Sandiego
Profundidad de Campo
La Ma?ana
Las Jovenes Lechuzas
Amor y Joyas
Dn song 3
Milton Mahan & Felicia Morales
Palabras de Glass
Crist?bal Ugarte
Dn song 4
Milton Mahan & Felicia Morales
Dn song 5
Milton Mahan & Felicia Morales
Las Ligas Menores
Generaci?n 2002
Carmen Sandiego

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