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Cartoon College (2012)

Every fall, The Center for Cartoon Studies invites 20 aspiring cartoonists to White River Junction, Vermont for a no-holds-barred education in comics. Those who complete the two-year program earn a Master of Fine Arts degree and are ready to face the hardship of a career in one of the world's most drudgery-inducing art forms. This is their story.

The movie Cartoon College, released in 2012, features 10 songs from artists like Beulah, Tortoise, Tokyo Police Club and The Fire Tapes. What is your favorite song from Cartoon College?


Songs from Cartoon College

Silver Lining
Drill Me
Through a Rainy Lens
Ten Day Interval
Six Pack
Can You Hear Me See Me Now
Harnessed in Slums
Tokyo Police Club
Transistor, Monitor
The Fire Tapes
Hot IQs
The Hot IQs

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