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Baat seng bou hei (2012)

It is a comedy made for the Chinese New Year's day, the adventures of three brothers with women. They find their new love thanks to a breakdown of the telephone system which put them, by chance, in communication with young women whom they did not know.

The movie Baat seng bou hei, released in 2012, features 6 songs from artists like Kelly Chen, Donnie Yen, Jeremy Liu and Sandra Ng Kwan Yue and Kristal Tin. What is your favorite song from Baat seng bou hei?


Songs from Baat seng bou hei

Bou hei
Kelly Chen
Tin choi jyu baak ci
Donnie Yen
Tin choi baak ci mung
Donnie Yen
Nian ni
Jeremy Liu
Tim mat jyu jyun tong
Sandra Ng Kwan Yue and Kristal Tin
Cin go taai joeng

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