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As Cool as I Am (2013)

A smart teenage girl comes of age in a small town with her self-centered parents who had her when they were teenagers.

The movie As Cool as I Am, released in 2013, features 19 songs from artists like Katie Costello, Sugarplum Fairies, Alanis Morissette and Rock Dealers vs. Indie Poppers. What is your favorite song from As Cool as I Am?


Songs from As Cool as I Am

A Beautiful Mystery
Katie Costello
A Story
Sugarplum Fairies
I Dont Believe You
You Learn
Alanis Morissette
Wednesday Morning
Enough Tales
Rock Dealers vs. Indie Poppers
Silver State
The Sleep-ins
Bon Iver
Another Dame
Gonna Fly Tonight
Derek Butler feat. St. John
How Do You?
Fast Romantics by arrangement with Secret Road Music Services, Inc.
Amazing Yeah
One Silver Morning
Threes and Nines
Little Bird
The Weepies
The Weepies
I Want the Sky

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