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Amiss (2014)

Hannah, Cory, Zack and Cody all wish their lives could be different, but no one thinks about the consequences when a shooting star lights up the night sky. Miley Stewart (aka Hannah Montana) has had enough of the double life. Being a superstar pop princess all day, every day, would be totally awesome, right? Cory sees moneymaking opportunities in every corner of the White House when he becomes Mr. President. But while he's busy wheeling and dealing, oh, yeah, there's also that little business about running the country. And for regular guys Zack and Cody, living the swanky and "suite life" isn't enough — they want to be superheroes! As Miley would say, "Sweet nibblets!"

The movie Amiss, released in 2014, features 7 songs from artists like Mark Lentz, The Black Kodak, Watersports and Asian Chairshot. What is your favorite song from Amiss?


Songs from Amiss

Hirohito Meets Certain Doom
Mark Lentz
The Black Kodak
Millions Underground
Asian Chairshot
Asian Chairshot

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