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2001 Maniacs (2005)

On their way to Spring Break, college kids take a detour through an old Southern town. The people of Pleasant Valley insist the kids stay for their annual barbecue celebration... but instead of getting a taste of the old South, the old South gets a taste of them!

The movie 2001 Maniacs, released in 2005, features 18 songs from artists like The Devil Roosevelt, Camerata Cassovae and Susan Said. What is your favorite song from 2001 Maniacs?


Songs from 2001 Maniacs

The South is Gonna Rise Again (On-Camera Strolling Minstrels Version)
The South Will Rise (Nightmare BBQ Zombie Version)
Hey Hey Howdy Howdy Hey
Trouble Came A Knockin'
There Are Lessons In This World
There Once Was A Lassie
The Boy Wants His Bitch
Pushin' Up Daisies (Instrumental Main Theme/Banjo Boy Theme)
Granny's Ho Down
Groovy G
2 Two Way Radio
The Devil Roosevelt
Symphony No. 6 in F Major op 68 'Pastoral'
Camerata Cassovae
Titan Music 6
Yer A Fucker
Susan Said
Scotic Brother Johnny 1-9
Gas Station Girls 1 & 2
Sex Montage

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