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There are three bands named Y? The first featured Steve Rawlings, later of The Danse Society. Two VA tracks appear : New Hippies Volume 2 (Cass, Comp, C60) Red Neon Tapes "It's Only A Rumour" Bouquet Of Steel (LP) Aardvark 1980 "End Of Act One" ********** Band #2: Y? get together on March 2005 to start their course in music. Gathered by numerous influences, the band members, total strangers until then, joined in an Alternative Hard Rock sound. Read more on

Y? has 6 songs that have been featured in movies like Ilmianto, Pahat pojat, Valtio vapauden vei and Vares - Yksityisetsiv?. What is your favorite song by Y??


Songs from Y?

Niin Paljon Me Teihin Luotettiin (2002 Remix)
Sano Ett? J??t
Rakkaus on lumivalkoinen
Rakkauden vahvistama
Tulta pelk?sin

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