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Touch & Go

Touch and Go is a jazz-pop ensemble. Their most notable singles include "Would You...?", "Straight... to Number One", and "Tango in Harlem". In October 1998, "Would you...?", a track marked by its distinctive sampling of a woman's voice saying "I've noticed you around / I find you very attractive / Would you go to bed with me?", reached the #3 spot on the UK pop music chart. It became a hit in Europe, particularly in Eastern Europe where the ensemble toured extensively. Read more on

Touch & Go has 10 songs that have been featured in movies like Jump Tomorrow, My First Mister, One Night at McCool's and Summer Catch. What is your favorite song by Touch & Go?


Songs from Touch & Go

Would You...? (Trailermen Go To Rio Mix)
Would You...?
Life's a Beach
Straight To ... Number One (1999)
Life's a Beach (1999)
So Hot
Straight To... Number One
Would You?
Straight to Number One
Would You

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