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The Weirdos

The Weirdos were a punk rock band from Los Angeles, California. The band was fronted by John Denney with his brother Dix on guitar, bassist Dave Trout, drummer Nickey "Beat" Alexander and another guitarist Cliff Roman. They were originally an art-rock band formed in 1976, and were featured in a news article featuring punk rock groups in Time magazine and so it stuck. They had a very strong D.I.Y. ethic. They dressed in anything they could get their hands on; bags, straps, chains, etc. Read more on

The Weirdos has 3 songs that have been featured in movies like Lords of Dogtown, Punk's Not Dead and Grand Theft Auto V (VG). What is your favorite song by The Weirdos?


Songs from The Weirdos

Solitary Confinement
We Got the Neutron Bomb
Life of Crime

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