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The Hoosier Hotshots


The Hoosier Hotshots has 38 songs that have been featured in movies like A Song a Day, Arkansas Swing, Cowboy Blues and Gummo. What is your favorite song by The Hoosier Hotshots?


Songs from The Hoosier Hotshots

Sand Shuffle'
Texas Sandman
Bread and Butter Woman
Rhythm Is Our Business
When We Put A Radio Out in the Hen House
The Coat and the Pants Do All the Work
From the Indies to the Andes in His Undies
My Bonnie
Bring Back My Bonnie To Me
Virginia Blues (1922)
Who's Sorry Now
When Johnny Brings Leilani Home
Thank You For Your Kind Attention
Was The Cowboy Right or Wrong
When Maw Was Courtin' Paw
This is the Chorus
Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg
Dr. Henderson's Compound
We're Always in the Money but Still We're Always Broke
The Berrys and the Nutts
Mysterious Mose
That's What I Learned at College
Wabash Blues
Lady From 29 Palms
Ferdinand the Bull
Those Hill Billies Are Mountain Williams Now
The Boys Are There (With Two Hot Lips)
West Side of Chicago
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
When Grown-Up Ladies Act Like Babies
The Wreck of Old 97
What a Break in My Heart
Here Comes The Cheer Parade
The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along
I Was Born 10,000 Years Ago
Two-Seated Saddle
No Romance in Your Soul
I'll Get More Loving From That Dumb, Dumb Dummy Than I'll Ever Get From You

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