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The Chain Gang of 1974

“My brothers and I were surrounded by music growing up,” explains Kamtin Mohager, the shape-shifting singer/multi-instrumentalist behind the Chain Gang of 1974. “Not Beatles albums or anything like that; more like the Persian records our parents played all the time. And when we got older, it was up to us to discover everything.” Born in San Jose and raised in Hawaii, Mohager spent his first 13 years obsessing over inline hockey and the idea of being drafted by the NHL one day. Read more on

The Chain Gang of 1974 has 5 songs that have been featured in movies like Terminal Velocity, Hostel: Part III (V), Mardi Gras: Spring Break and Scream 4. What is your favorite song by The Chain Gang of 1974?


Songs from The Chain Gang of 1974

Let's Make It Tonight
The Dirt
New York Dressed Girl
Devil Is A Lady
Make My Body

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