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The Balfa Brothers

Born in Mamou, Louisiana on March 20, 1927, Dewey Balfa learned to play Cajun fiddle and began performing at local gatherings in the 1940s. He was joined by his brothers Rodney (guitar, harmonica), Will (fiddle), and Harry (accordion), along with Hadley Fontenot (accordion). Dewey went on to a solo career but in 1967 he, along with Rodney, Will, and Fontenot, formed the Balfa Brothers and they began playing at festivals in the United States and in Europe, contributing to the revival of Cajun music. Read more on

The Balfa Brothers has 1 songs that have been featured in movies like Passion Fish and Beasts of the Southern Wild. What is your favorite song by The Balfa Brothers?


Songs from The Balfa Brothers

La Danse De Mardi Gras

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