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There are multiple entries for "Sunhouse". 1. Japanese band formed 1970. go to tag: サンハウス 2. Sunhouse were a Belgian progressive rock and jazz fusion band that recorded one self-titled album, in 1977. 3. Sunhouse was a short-lived Nottingham based band, consisted of Gavin Clarke (vocals), Paul Bacon (guitar), Robert Brooks (bass) and Dominic Dillon (drums). Songwriter Gavin Clarke originally met film director Shane Meadows when both were working in dead-end jobs at the Alton Towers leisure park. Read more on

Sunhouse has 5 songs that have been featured in movies like 24 7: Twenty Four Seven, A Room for Romeo Brass and Last Resort. What is your favorite song by Sunhouse?


Songs from Sunhouse

Monkey Dead
Fallen Flower
If This Is Love

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