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Stratos Dionysiou

Stratos Dionysiou was a laika and elafro-laika singer whose heyday was the 1970s and 1980s. Dionysiou was born in Nigrita, Serres prefecture, on November 8, 1935, to Asia Minor refugees Angelos and Stasa Dionysiou. At age 13, he lost his father. Dionysiou went to work as a tailor and was married, at age 20, to Georgia Laveni. The couple would have four children. While still working as a tailor, he also appeared in night clubs in Thessaloniki where he had moved. Read more on

Stratos Dionysiou has 5 songs that have been featured in movies like I kardia enos aliti, Me ta fota nystagmena, O erotas tou Odyssea and O kavalaris ton F.M. Stereo. What is your favorite song by Stratos Dionysiou?


Songs from Stratos Dionysiou

Den yparhei kaneis
Me skotose giati tin agapousa
Gyrise konta mou
Ego na deis
Kai ti den kano

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