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Status Quo

Status Quo are a British rock band (London, England) with strong boogie line. The group was founded by bassist Alan Lancaster and guitarist Francis Rossi in 1962. They began as a rock and roll freakbeat band called The Spectres. By 1967, with very little commercial success, they discovered psychedelia and changed their name to Traffic (later Traffic Jam, to avoid confusion with Steve Winwood's Traffic.) At this time the line-up also included organist Roy Lynes and drummer John Coghlan. Read more on

Status Quo has 7 songs that have been featured in movies like Dead Fish, My Name Is Joe, Once Upon a Time in the Midlands and Paul Is Dead. What is your favorite song by Status Quo?


Songs from Status Quo

(April) Spring, Summer and Wednesdays
Down the Dustpipe
Whatever You Want (1979)
Again And Again
Rockin' All Over the World
Whatever You Want
Pictures of Matchstick Men

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