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Santogold is the former name of Santigold (born Santi White on September 25, 1976), a singer, songwriter and producer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. She is perhaps best known for her 2008 single L.E.S. Artistes, which became a hit in the UK and on American alternative radio. Previously, White was the lead singer of the Philadelphia-based punk rock/ska band Stiffed, but, while in the band, she was offered a solo contract. Working with fellow Stiffed member Read more on

Santogold has 5 songs that have been featured in movies like 17 Again, Fame, Friday the 13th and Motherhood. What is your favorite song by Santogold?


Songs from Santogold

L.E.S Artistes
You'll Find a Way (Switch & Sinden Remix) (2008)
Shove It
Lights Out
L.E.S. Artistes

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