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Les Rita Mitsouko

Les Rita Mitsouko is a French pop rock group formed in 1979 led by guitarist Fred Chichin and singer Catherine Ringer known for their live performances. The husband and wife duo was one of the most successful musical acts of the 1980's in France. They began performing in the early 1980's in alternative spaces such as the Pali-Kao, a squatted factory building in Belleville, Paris. Their first hit single was Marcia Baila off the Rita Mitsouko album Read more on

Les Rita Mitsouko has 17 songs that have been featured in movies like ...Comme elle respire, Ceux qui m'aiment prendront le train, Les t?moins and Kung-fu master!. What is your favorite song by Les Rita Mitsouko?


Songs from Les Rita Mitsouko

C'est comme ?a
C'est comme ?a
Don't Forget the Nite
Someone to Love
Marcia Baila
C'est comme ?a (1986)
Restez avec moi
Nuit d'Ivresse
Les amants
Marcia Baila
La Fille Venue Du Froid
In My Tea
Tongue Dance

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