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Dimitris Papadatos is the artist and musician behind the name KU and from 2002 until today he has composed music for various projects and has collaborated with numerous artists including Grundik Kasyansky and local heroes The Boy, Larry Gus, Baby Guru and Angelos Kyriou. "Feathers" is his first studio album. Electronic and organic at the same time, with tones of polyphonic hymns, echoes of traditional rhythms and primal outbreaks, "Feathers" moves between speed and stillness, sensations and memories and reflections expressed and sung loudly. Read more on

KU has 5 songs that have been featured in movies like Bitch Slap, Drillbit Taylor and The Art of Getting By. What is your favorite song by KU?


Songs from KU

Nobody Hot as Me
So Gangsta
Bad Ass
Holla At Me

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