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Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Airplane was a psychedelic rock group formed in San Francisco. It was the first of several Bay Area psychedelic groups of the 1960s to become internationally known. The band was founded by singer Marty Balin and guitarist Paul Kantner in 1965. With the addition of Signe Anderson, their male-female singing style showed their folk music roots plus Balin's love of R&B singing styles. In fact their dual lead vocals were a hallmark of their sound throughout the Airplane's career Read more on

Jefferson Airplane has 30 songs that have been featured in movies like 1 P.M., A Bright Shining Lie, A Home at the End of the World and A Serious Man. What is your favorite song by Jefferson Airplane?


Songs from Jefferson Airplane

House at Pooneil Corner
Somebody to Love
Comin' Back To Me
3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds
White Rabbit
Today (1967)
Embryonic Journey (1967)
We Can Be Together
White Rabbit (1967)
The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil
Young Girl Sunday Blues
Wild Tyme (H)
Last Wall of the Castle
The Other Side of This Life
Count on Me
Saturday Afternoon
Someone to Love
Embryonic Journey
D.C.B.A 25
Eskimo Blue Day
Plastic Fantastic Lover
Good Shepherd
Won't You Try
Uncle Sam's Blues

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