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Jane Siberry

Jane Siberry (born October 12, 1955 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is most famous for her early 1980s new wave hits such as 'Mimi on the Beach', 'I Muse Aloud' and 'One More Colour'. Internationally, she is best known for her 1993 album 'When I Was a Boy'. Her first self-titled album was released in 1981. Following the commercial failure of her 1995 album Maria , Siberry founded her own independent label, Sheeba Records. She has released all of her subsequent material on that label. Read more on

Jane Siberry has 7 songs that have been featured in movies like Barney's Great Adventure, Final Destination, Passion: A Letter in 16mm and QSW: The Rebel Zone. What is your favorite song by Jane Siberry?


Songs from Jane Siberry

All the Pretty Ponies
All the Candles in the World
Follow Me
The Gospel According To Darkness
Mimi on the Beach
The Taxi Ride

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