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Leszek Zerhau known as Jacek Lech (15.04.1947 - 25.03.2007) - polish singer, vocalist in "Czerwono-Czarni" group. At the age of 17 he won first place in an Open Jazz Competition "Mikrofon". In 1966 he became lead singer in "Czerwono-Czarni" band. With this group he recorded his greatest songs: "Badz dziewczyna moich marzen", "Dwadziescia lat" and "Warszawa jest smutna bez ciebie". In 1972 he left "Czerwono-Czarni" and in 1973 formed his own band "Nowa Grupa". Read more on

Jacek Lech was featured in the movie Bal na dworcu w Koluszkach.


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Dwadziescia lat a moze mniej

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