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There are at least two artists which have used the name Hanson 1. A pop rock group from Oklahoma, United States 2. A funk rock group from the United Kingdom active in the 1970's. 1. Hanson is an American pop rock band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The band consists of guitarist and vocalist Isaac Hanson (born November 17, 1980) pianist and vocalist Taylor Hanson (born March 14, 1983), and drummer and vocalist Zac Hanson (born October 22, 1985). Their work has spanned many different genres, including rock, blues, folk, and pop. Read more on

Hanson has 10 songs that have been featured in movies like Finding Forrester, Frank McKlusky, C.I., Jack Frost and Nobody. What is your favorite song by Hanson?


Songs from Hanson

Save Me
Get Up
Merry Christmas Baby
Gimmie Some Lovin'
Good Lovin
Mmmbop (live and electric)
Runaway Run
Wake Up

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