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Friends of Dean Martinez

Friends of Dean Martinez is an American instrumental rock/post-rock band from Tucson, Arizona, featuring members of Giant Sand, Calexico, and Naked Prey. They play sad, sweet, instrumental desert music, with Bill Elm's steel guitar acting as both lead guitar and voice. Though the mood is rather laid-back, they're not to be mistaken for lounge lizards--people just have a hard time categorizing non-rock music. Far from being a "novelty" act, Friends Read more on

Friends of Dean Martinez has 5 songs that have been featured in movies like Dream with the Fishes, Fast Food Nation and Radio Free Steve. What is your favorite song by Friends of Dean Martinez?


Songs from Friends of Dean Martinez

I Wish You Love
Cabeza de Mojado
A Place in the Sun
Somewhere over the Waves
Pearl Necklace (2000)

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