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Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston (b. January 22, 1961 in Sacramento, California) is a prolific American singer-songwriter and artist. He has been classified as an outsider musician. His songs are typically painfully direct, and often display a disturbing blend of childlike naïvete with darker, "spooky" themes. Johnston's singing voice is rather high-pitched, and his performances often seem faltering or uncertain; pitchfork writes that Johnston's recordings range from "spotty to brilliant". Read more on

Daniel Johnston has 44 songs that have been featured in movies like Empire Records, Kids, Louise-Michel and Popaganda: The Art & and Crimes of Ron English. What is your favorite song by Daniel Johnston?


Songs from Daniel Johnston

Rock 'n' Roll/EGA
It's Impossible
Tomorrow's Child
Silly Love
Candy Apple
Thinking About Love
I Live My Broken Dreams
See My Soul Stretched Out to the Sky
Funeral Home
Negative Superman
Don't Play Cards With Satan'
Worried Shoes
Running Water
Do You Really Love Me?
Like Showbiz
Frito Lay
Love Will Save Me Somehow
Devil Town
Story of an Artist
I Had Lost My Mind
Chord Organ Blues
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances
Walking the Cow
Despair Came Knocking
My Yoke Is Heavy
Peek a Boo
Museum of Love
I Had a Dream
Keep Punching Joe
Wicked World
Speeding Motorcycle
Sorry Entertainer
Spirit World Rising
King Weasel
Dead Dog Eyeball Theme
Tears Stupid Tears
Marching Guitars
Casper the Friendly Ghost
Careless Soul
True Love Will Find You In The End

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