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Cat Power

Cat Power is American singer-songwriter, musician, occasional actress, and model Charlyn Marie Marshall (also known as Chan, pronounced "Shawn") (born in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. on 21 January 1972). Cat Power was originally the name of Marshall's first band, but has become her stage name as a solo artist. After dropping out of high school, Marshall started performing under the name Cat Power, while in Atlanta, backed by musicians Glen Thrasher, Mark Moore, and others. Read more on

Cat Power has 18 songs that have been featured in movies like Beautiful Losers, Multiple Sarcasms, Tout est parfait and Dandelion. What is your favorite song by Cat Power?


Songs from Cat Power

Maybe not
I Found a Reason
Back of Your Head
Could We
Where is My Love
Sea of Love (1959)
The Greatest
Living Proof
Paths of Victory
Troubled Waters
The Werewolf
Sea of Love
It's Alright To Fail
Troubled Water
In This Hole
Nude as the News (1996)

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