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There are multiple artists with this name. 1) The Finnish Europop band Aikakone used the name Aika several times in their history.Typically Aika has English lyrics and Aikakone Finnish. There are the same four members in both bands: Alex, Vera, Maki and Sani. The music is mainly soft dance music where Alex, Sani and Vera are singing in harmony and Maki plays various instruments. 2) Aika is a solo project hailing from England in the underground of the metal scene, specialising in progressive metal of a darker nature. Read more on

Aika has 4 songs that have been featured in movies like Eurovision laulukilpailu 2002 - Suomen karsinta and Young Love. What is your favorite song by Aika?


Songs from Aika

Give It All
Hear Me Now
Rock Me Baby

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