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A Silver Mt. Zion

A Silver Mt. Zion uses a number of different variations of the name on different releases with respect to line-up changes. A Silver Mt. Zion is a band formed in 1999, in Montreal, Quebec, by Godspeed You! Black Emperor musicians Efrim Menuck, Sophie Trudeau and Thierry Amar. According to an interview with VPRO Radio in The Netherlands, originally the project was for Efrim to learn how to score music, but the idea was soon abandoned as Efrim decided that he preferred music not to be defined by rules, preferring simply what sounds best. Read more on

A Silver Mt. Zion has 9 songs that have been featured in movies like Kosmos, Mister Lonely and There Are No Heroes. What is your favorite song by A Silver Mt. Zion?


Songs from A Silver Mt. Zion

Stumble Then Rise On Some Awkward Morning
Though You Are Gone I Still Often Walk With You
This Gentle Hearts, Like Shot Bird's Fallen
For Wanda
13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round The Side Of Your Bed
Broken Chord Can Sing A Little
Stumble Then Rise On Some Akward Morning
Broken Chords Can Sing A Little
Blown-Out Joy From Heaven's Mercied Hole

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